Formerly ruled by the Sorcerer-King Kalak, Tyr is now the freest city in Athas. Very recently, a small band of rebels led by the former high templar Tithian, dethroned and killed Kalak. King Tithian has abolished slavery in the city and now vies for power against countless forces which now seek to fill the void.

In the wake of Kalak’s passing, Tyr is hardly a safe place, but it has become a center for hope and progressive ideas. The rapid changes taking place here have attracted many to its walls – both friend and foe.

Noble District

Cyrix, Elodie, and Kanis did much of their investigation here while trying to destroy one of Kalak’s shades, including infiltrating a couple of the homes of House Wavir.

The Warrens

The sprawl of slums in Tyr’s Northern quarter.

Elven Market

Many people come to the Warrens to shop at the Elven Market. Some Elven tribes offer exotic items and curiosities that are not available anywhere else in Tyr. It was here that Nttkk first discovered the Grist Tribe and met Jhakal, as they were preparing to leave with a shipment of hides to be delivered Shomway. Later, upon their return from Shomway, Jhakal sought refuge among his tribe here and Llorana was chased by members of House Vorden.


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