Skirmish Guard

The renowned Skirmish Guard act as Tyr’s highly-mobile military unit, part of the larger Tyrian Guard defense force for the city. Able to out-maneuver enemy troops in battle or lay ambush with tactical cunning, the Guard consists of a handful of military companies totaling a few hundred that were selected for their speed and agility.

The Skirmish Guard were one of the units involved in the rebellion against King Kalak, fighting against other elements of the military that remained loyal to the sorcerer king.

They are one of the few units to remain intact after his overthrow. Most other units have been reformed as an uneasy mix of pre-Tithian soldiers, noble house contingents, revolutionary fighters, freed gladiators and slaves.

Mounted Infantry

The Skirmish Guard mounted infantry makes up the bulk of the unit and is led by Skirmish Guard Aurian, an elder human.

Mounted Archers

A few dozen archers make up the remainder of the Skirmish Guard. Kanis, an odd young shifter, recently became captain of the Guard’s archer company, and quickly proved his leadership in battle.


Skirmish Guard

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