Grist Tribe

The Grist Tribe is a typical Elven merchant tribe: a devious and opportunistic group who makes every shady dealing imaginable. Their tribe is known for specializing in “imported goods” -usually illegal wares that can usually only be acquired in other locations. Usually they’re just arrived from somewhere or are just about to head somewhere else. Their illicit work often gets them driven out of town so they have a bit of a running list of places to avoid.

The tribe is full of unruly folk who depend on each other for the caravan as a whole to survive the journey. The majority of roles served in tribe are merchants, laborers, animal handlers, and “fixers” who specialized in arranging secret jobs to be carried out.

Jhakal has been traveling with the tribe for some years now as their half-giant strong man. Sometimes they will trick naive townsfolk into a wager gladiator battle versus one of their tribespeople, only for them to reveal at the start of the fight that they had a half-giant among them.

The Grist Tribe was hired by Baron Eldoth Shom to organize a high-profile gladiator battle in Shomway. Their numbers are usually around a few dozen, but the responsibility of such a high-profile event required them to enlist extra help, including Nnn’tkk. While they wanted to make sure they got their coin for a battle well-managed, they made more lucrative deals behind the scenes during their employment.

When they caught wind of the impending chaos that Jhakal would create during the day of battle, they planned to seize the opportunity. Using their insider knowledge that many would want to chase after the fleeing Cyrix Ulbane, the tribe “acquired” a dozen additional mounts to their fleet and planned to charge exuberant prices for them in the time of crisis. Secretly they were able to arrange for most of the other privately-held mounts to “escape” the night prior to the fight, to increase the need.

Unfortunately, they too were caught off-guard by the raider siege assault and ended up needing the mounts for themselves to escape. Those who did escape made their way back to Tyr, only to learn that they had lost over half their members and most of their goods to the raiders. During this time they were able to hide Jhakal in a safe-house but advised him to stay out of sight while in public.


Grist Tribe

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