Cyrix Ulbane

Former Templar of Tyr


Cyrix is a Templar who was involved in the rebellion against Sorcerer-King Kalak. Not long after his overthrow, she joined Kanis and Elodie in a mission to destroy one of Kalak’s shades. After defeating a shade-possessed Heron Wavir in battle, they traveled with the boy Jonathan Shom to the Vorden Iron Mines. Cyrix had to sign Elodie into slavery to House Vordon as a cover to gain entrance to the mines. Once inside, she destroyed the boy and the shade inside him, but in order to slay it, Cyrix was forced to allow Rokash Vordon take Elodie into slavery, as her signed contract allowed.

Later enslaved by the Vordon Merchant House, Cyrix was slated to fight to the death in Shomway as a gladiator. She fought valiantly but grew weaker after each successive fight. However, during the final battle, she was rescued by what looked like her gladiator opponents and another conspiritor in the crowd. As the arena came under siege from raiders, chaos ensued and she was able to escape alongside Morg, Pieter, Nnttkk, and Jhakal. She quickly escaped the group as they slept, but only after giving advice to Nnttkk.


Cyrix Ulbane

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