The Tyrian Wastes

Tyrian Wastes (Part VI)

Our heroes meet their match

As our heroes recover from their fight with the undead and marvel at the interior of the Face in the Stone, Pieter is eager to explore the other passageway they had passed near the entrance. Yazu follows him back but heads outside to check on the rope they climbed down on. He seems especially worried that others may also be headed their way.

Pieter ventures down the other passage and discovers something they’ve never seen before: naturally flowing water. A deep channel passes right though the tunnel, slowly flowing in one direction.

While some in the party begin to leap across, Yazu decides to swim down and explore the water. After a couple dives he realizes that there seems to be a beast resting at the very bottom. It is motionless and seems to be some kind of insectoid shape. He point it out but only Nnttkk can seem to make it out through the water.

Meanwhile Llorana sneaks ahead to where the passageway opens up and finds more hedgekin hiding. They don’t notice her but seem to be anxiously awaiting enemies approaching and on shaman-looking one seems ready to hit a gong-like alarm as soon as they detect something approaching.

Pieter is eager to fight them but Yazu has second thoughts as he peers into the water and wonders if the beast could awake. The others are hesitant as well so all agree to head back.

Back in the temple room they had fought the undead in, the party is baffled as to how to get into the next door, which seems to require a key in the shape of a cross. As they ponder how they can gain entrance in the antechamber, a rival group of mercenaries arrive! A burly Goliath, a hefty mul, and Gith spellcaster from the Red Cord mercenary company size up our heroes and suggest they leave or else face a fight. It looks like House Shom hired out multiple groups to take on their task.

Llorana secretly uses her telekenetic grasp to pop the key into her concealed palm. Our heroes step aside and allow the big Goliath to walk past toward the electrified door, many of them readying to pounce when the Goliath gets a surprise shock! But just as she reaches for the door Pieter yells out “I don’t think you want to do that,” and explains what would happen. The Mul then gets suspicious and yells for them to attack!

Our heroes battle in the cramped chamber, Yazu battling the Goliath at one end while Pieter faces the other two down the hall. Llorana tries to finesse her way around the battle striking blows and then dashing around, while Nnttkk blasts from afar. Even though our heroes are able to bloody their rivals, eventually they fall to their opponents. Pieter and Llorana are beaten into unconsciousness while NNttkk and Yazu meet their end.

To be continued?



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