The Tyrian Wastes

Tyrian wastes - Part IV

Where a face is found in the sand

Nnn’tkk Wakes up in the middle of the now busy but quiet street. Evidence of the fight that knocked the party out is all around, as well as signs of a subsequent skirmish involving Vodronites. Jhakal slowly stirs to consciousness next, coughing ominously.

In a nearby alley, Pieter and Llorana wake up, unharmed except for bruises, but rudely marked with a tattoo of the Lion god on the shoulder. Scared and angry they move out into the street to find their equally confused allies. The party searches the street for a while but there is no sign of Morg. Jhakal is told by his tribe that he has the shakes, an illness that could get worse. An eLizard is sent to Morg on the slim chance he is still alive, and the party leaves the city and heads north-east to the mountains in search of the missing caravan and a sandy face.

Two days of uneventful travel, aided by Nnn’tkk’s supporting rituals and the party’s general survival skills. Plus, the group was able cure Jhakal of the shakes.

Afternoon of the third day. Party follows signs of general traveling things. Party stumbles upon clear signs of Crystal Spiders. Maneuvering to go around the Crystal Webs, the party is unsurprised when, first one, and then two Crystal Spiders rise up from the sand and attack. These are dangerous creatures, and it doesn’t help that a grove of vicious cacti grow in the middle of the battlefield. But the party manages to dispatch all evil flora and fauna in the area without losses.

Again following signs of travel, the party notices a mysterious giant dust tornado, swirling ominously on the edge of a distant cliff. Arriving on the scene, they see a Raider camp, of the same raider group that attacked Shom. Wreckage of the missing caravan is strewn about the camp, and a group of Shomfolk are tied up in a corner, near the edge of the swirling sandy death. The party watches in horror as one of the prisoners is picked up by two raiders, dragged kicking and screaming, and thrown into the tornado. A rescue committee starts formulating plans without delay.

The planning session is promptly aborted when it becomes clear the raiders intend to finish off the remaining prisoners as soon as they can. It’s now or never. Llorana Sneaks close to the group of prisoners while Jhakal takes her Kradlu and sends it stampeding through the other end of the camp. Then Llorana is discovered and the camp rises to fight the intruders and, in a senseless display of wickedness, make sure they at least kill as many of the prisoners as they can.

The party fights an large group of more than a dozen raiders. Thankfully, most of the raiders are poorly equipped with spears and daggers that leave Pieter and Jhakal (in his shiny new magic hide armor) unimpressed. Still, the shear number of baddies is terrifying, a few among them are dangerously skillful with the blade, and Jhakal‘s recent illness seems to be taxing his ability in combat. The humanoid males engage and delay the enemy, while Llorana tumbles around the battlefield, cutting prisoners loose and rudely stabbing people in the back. Some of the prisoners join the fight, including Yazu, who is able to wield a found spear quite well. Nnn’tkk Sets people on fire, and blows up other distant enemies in a jet of silt. Then is felled by a tough Mul’s dagger and/or spear. Llorana manages to rescue two prisoners who have already been thrown to the sand-jet, but survived thanks to Nnn’tkk’s strengthening magic. Then Pieter saves Llorana’s life by not attacking her.

Only a few baddies remain, but they do not intend to go down quietly. Presently only one remains. The tough Mul. He considers his options, then turns to run. In blind rage, Jhakal goes after him. Luck turns against the allies. Jhakal catches up to the running baddie, who turns to fight and fells the dimwitted Goliath. Jhakal drops to the ground and, already fatigued from his recent disease, fades into oblivion despite help from others. The bad Mul knocks down Pieter next, before being finally defeated by Yazu’s spear.

The surviving party members sit on the ground and think what to do next.


Content Not Found: jhakal was diagnosed with the shakes, but he got over it.

Tyrian wastes - Part IV

Excellent recap Sarah. I mean… oh well.

Tyrian wastes - Part IV

no, the shakes is what ruined his immune system in the end!

Tyrian wastes - Part IV

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