The Tyrian Wastes

Tyrian Wastes - Part III

In which everyone gets knocked out... repeatedly

Having finally escaped (in slow motion) from the barely standing city of Shomway, the party meets up while heading towards Tyr. After some initial debate they decide to journey together after some extremely well protected nap time. Cyrix takes second watch and promptly bolts once the rest of the party is asleep, Nnn’tkk takes off after her (the rest of the party decides sleep is more important) and eventually manages to seduce Cyrix’s cradlu and convince it to slow down. After ascertaining that the bug isn’t really a threat, Cyrix hands off some information about where to start digging for information on Nnn’tkk’s missing sister, specifically pointing towards House Vordon. Cyrix takes off and Nnn’tkk makes his way back to the group, proving that one can eventually find one’s own magically camouflaged campsite.

In the morning the party continues on towards Tyr, meeting up with a caravan along the way and exchanging guard services for food and water. Jahkal is kept calm through the use of a well monitored alcohol drip. Eventually everyone makes it to Tyr without incident, entering through the somewhat sketchy Elven markets which leaves everyone wary except Morg : “It’s a good thing that everything valuable is already in my butt”

Members hit the local tavern looking for information on the events at Shomway, but it appears that they’ve outrun the news. The only useful piece of information is that there’s a strong House Shom representation in town that may provide useful information in the morning. Jahkal meets up with people from his tribe and learns that they’ve been scattered and lost a decent amount of material after the attack on Shomway. It’s decided that he should still keep a low profile for a while. Everyone bunks down for the night.

The next day Morg finally gets some real clothes and a shiny new hammer, along with putting his magical implement somewhere more useful than in the holy item slot. Meanwhile Nnn’tkk and Jahkal debate their allegiances and their next move. Llorana takes off for the Shom Emporium and meets with Rico Shom (aka Rico Suave to his close friends). They exchange information on the recent events and Rico is interested to hear that Hosue Vordon was present during the attack, asking for physical proof which Llorana claims she is unable to provide. Rico mentions that Davith Vordon recently arrived in Tyr and suggests that any information gathered on him would be most welcome. We learn that the attack was organized by a raider group led by someone known as Yarnath. He seems to believe that House Shom is withholding information on a location known as The Face in the Stone and threatens to escalate his attacks until the surrender what they know. Rico seems convinced that the house is unaware of this location and how to access it as it’s apparently under some kind of lock. In order to prevent further attacks he’s looking to hire a band of adventurers to look into the location of this “Face” and the fate of some recently attacked caravans. Llorana suggests her group and promises to return with them and some information on Vordon later that afternoon.

Llorana heads off to find Nnn’tkk in the Elven Markets but once there is tipped off by an elf that there are a number of Vordon guards looking for her. Making careful progress towards the elf’s last known sighting of Nnn’tkk, Llorana sees the same damn elf leading the Vordon folk in a search for her (Pieter was right about the elves… evil bastards). Llorana books it back through the crowds towards the Shom Emporium eventually scaling a building and sprinting across the roofs in an attempt to gain ground. She makes it back ahead of her pursuers and meets with Rico again, informing him of the search for her and the locket she swiped from Vordon. A message is sent to the rest of the group and they find their way to the Emporium.

Once there Llorana explains the situation and shows everyone (except Jahkal who’s discussing his next move with his tribe) the locket and it’s strange interior with a floating rod capped by a circle). After swearing Nnn’tkk to silence about the necklace she offers them the choice of accompanying her on the mission from House Shom promising them a hefty reward from the house if they are successful. After some debate (“Moridin, if I’m supposed to go with these people give me a sign” “… Your ass itches”) the group decides it’s a pretty good way to make some money and agree to sign on. Jhakal spies on some trade secrets and ways to break into the emporium. They talk to Rico and agree to set out to either 1) Find The Face in the Stone or 2) Find the lost caravans.

On their way out of the city, the group is ambushed a block from the Shom Emporium. A strong psyonic claiming to serve Hammanu – the Lion God – and his group of dwarves and Thri-Kreen attack and beat up the group with a series of painful psyonic blasts and some good old fashioned arrows to the chest from archers on the rooftops. Despite a valiant effort, everyone eventually gets knocked unconscious (sometimes getting briefly revived before being knocked unconscious again) and the creepy cat-obsessed psyonic proves victorious.



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