The Tyrian Wastes

Tyrian Wastes - Part II

In which lots of walls (and people) get blown up

The party takes up stances outside the shady looking door to a subterranean door and busts in with Jhakal taking point. Faced with a number of very large lizards as opponents, Morg runs forward and tries to smash one of their faces in with his hammer only to miss and get stabbed two times – he then collapses and spends the rest of the battle making an inordinate number (read, 7) of successful “blood congealing” rolls. The lizards demonstrate that some of them have pretty nasty psyonic powers and start attacking the party. Jhakal dashes through the fray to free the captured caravan drivers, who decide to join in by grabbing rocks and beating up the nearest lizard – which is surprisingly successful. The fight progresses for a while with lizards slowly being sliced/smashed into little pieces. Battle ends when Jahkal makes an epic leaping attack with his spear and pins the last giant lizard to the wall,

Pieter loots the bodies and recovers an amulet and a fire opal while the rest of the party gathers up the stolen caravan supplies and starts packing them onto the damaged wagon. Everyone heads back to town and rewards are distributed by the caravan leader.

Jahkal takes off for his tribe’s encampment with Nnn’tkk following behind while Morg is sent back to the slave pens. Llorana resumes her duties in the Shom household and agrees to introduce Pieter to the baron though nothing much comes of the meeting. Eventually Pieter leaves the house and starts trying to figure out a way to get involved with the gladiator event the next day. Nnn’tkk is also determined to get in on the action and seems to have a very particular interest in the templar that will be fighting. Enough so that he bribes Jahkal with a pair of fancy gloves to get the half-giant to arrange things with his tribe so that both Nnn’tkk and Jahkal can fight and an attempted rescue can occur. After convincing his tribe that he is unfit to fight and lusting after the gloves, they devise a plan for the tribe to secretly assist the group in the the templar’s rescue.

Pieter is also interested in attempting a rescue though in his case it’s focused on Morg. To this end he starts strolling around the slave pen area, getting some odd looks and an eventual rebuff from the guards. Switching tactics he starts to sing (in dwarven) a message instructing Morg to help rescue Cyrix and offering him freedom in exchange. Also, “Guards, guards, your mothers are whores!! … It rhymes in Dwarven” “Of course it does, everything rhymes with whore in dwarven”. A second attempt to contact the mul is made via means of an enchanted iguana which delivers the same message specifically to Morg. He seems to consider it and then promptly eats said iguana.

The next day events for the gladiator fight get set into motion at last. Cyrix is forced to fight 5 rounds against increasingly intense monsters, including things like innix and crystal spiders (which Pieter does a nice job of assisting with through magic manipulation from the crowd). She proves herself to be an extremely talented combatant and makes it all the way to the last round which is where the other gladiators come in. The fighters are surprised to be blindfolded and have their weapons taken away, led away one by one to separate chambers within the arena. This messes up Nnn’tkk and Jahkal’s plan of working together from the start, but everyone makes due as chambers are connected to each other, one by one. Jahkal is the first to make his way to Cyrix and eventually convinces him that they’re on the same team, all the while trying to find a way out.

On the other side of the arena Morg is busy facing off against another slave, hiding in a corner and begging his opponent not to attack. This continues for a couple of rounds, until it suddenly becomes apparent that he’s been working on manipulating a suspicious looking cube the whole time. Morg shoves the cube into the other slave’s hands and takes cover, a good call seeing as seconds later the cube explodes violently and breaks down multiple interior walls of the arena.

Llorana takes the impromptu display of fireworks to be her cue and under the guise of moving him to safety manages to neatly lift the locket off of Davith Vordon. After making sure his bodyguards are “taking care of him” she starts booking it through the manor. At the same time more explosions sound and manor walls start blowing inward – its obvious an attack is occurring from the outside but everyone’s too panicked to determine from where. One of the projectiles lights the outer wall of the arena on fire and Jahkal manages to slam through it thanks to his mountain form. He and Cyrix take off into the fray, heading for his tribes reserve of cradlu. Morg, Nnn’tkk and Pieter eventually all find their own exits and head for the cradlu as well, after lots of jostling and shoving they all arrive and hop onto the birds, taking off away from the town as fast as possible.

Llorana eventually reaches her own mount and takes off, only to have a band of brigands catch sight of her and begin pursuit. They appear to know who she is and are insistent upon capturing (and/or killing?) her. She notices the raiders have strange tattoos of a snake wrapped around a skull. Luckily she manages to lose them in the sand dunes and double back to head in the opposite direction.

With Shomway in flames and slowly crumbling, the slightly worse for the wear party all head away from the city and start thinking about what to do next.



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