The Tyrian Wastes

Tyrian Wastes - Part I

Round One of the Tyrian Wastes Campaign

Our characters for the most part have started their adventures in different cities:

Nnn’tkk shows up in Tyr looking for a way to journey to Shomway. He hires himself out to the Grist Tribe, an Elven caravan headed in that direction and in doing so meets Jahakl, one of the tribe’s guards. Their first few days of travel are (happily) uneventful and lead mostly to a begrudging friendship between Jahkal and “Buggy”. Eventually they are attacked by a band of 5 traders and fighting ensues (and lasts forever because no one can roll higher than a 3… We’re blaming this on a freak sandstorm that sprung up in the area). During the fighting Nnn’tkk displays his ability to turn into lots of little bugs and attack enemies swarm style. The elven caravan finally triumphs after Nnn’tkk chases the last attacker all over the desert, only to have Jahkal land the last shot. They pick up their belongings and continue onwards to Shomway with the Elves being significantly happier about their decision to hire the giant bug as a guard.

Meanwhile, Morg is trapped in a slave caravan (run by a trader named Davith Vordon) that’s also being transported to Shomway. He’s been stripped of weapons and most anything useful, but has managed to retain a certain implement in his “holy item slot”. Along the way he gets thoroughly beat up by: the sun, some exceedingly nasty plants and a big silt pocket. Seven of his fellow slaves die in the silt packet, fortunately Morg is not among them. The party continues trekking on towards Shomway.

Elsewhere, Pieter is making his way to Shomway, alone through the desert. He gets set upon by a pack of four brigands but manages to freeze them to the ground which makes short work of their attempted robbery/murder. He eventually kills two of them (while narrowly avoiding another silt pocket) and the other two make a run for it when he gives them the chance. After recovering from the attack he continues on his path.

Party members all eventually make it to Shomway :)

The city is undergoing preparations for a large gladiator match scheduled for 2 days hence. It’s being put on by the Baron Eldoth Shom and is a invitation only event. The rumor is that the baron has procured a templar knight who will be thrown into the ring and forced to face off against a number of opponents – both volunteers and slaves.

Jahkal, Nnn’tkk and the rest of their caravan arrive in Shomway and begin to unload their shipment of hides and meet up with the rest of the Grist tribe, who have been hired to set up the gladiator arena. At the same time, Morg’s slave caravan arrives at Baron’s manor and Vordon is greeted warmly, it’s obvious the Baron is happy about his presence. Llorana is introduced for the first time as one of the Baron’s attendants. While they’re still exchanging pleasantries a commotion outside calls for their attention. It seems a caravan from the Wavir Merchant House ran into that same sand storm that interfered with Nnn’tkk and Jahkal’s fighting abilities, and though their passengers made it safely to Shomway one of their wagons has been left in the desert somewhere.

The baron is obviously displeased by the Wavir presence, they are definitely not on the guest list for the arena match, and tries to throw them out immediately. But it appears Vordon owes them a favor and so asks his host to allow their presence overnight and help with the retrieval of their wagon. Wanting to stay on Vordon’s good side, the Baron agrees and puts Llorana in charge of a salvage mission. In order to contribute Vordon offers up one of his slaves (Morg) to accompany her and they put out a call in the town for any volunteers to assist. The offer is taken up by only one man, our own Pieter, and so he joins the effort.

Across town Nnn’tkk and Jahkal have gotten wind of these developments and the not-so-reputable Jahkal has convinced Nnn’tkk that they should borrow some cradlu and head out ahead of the official party to see if they can find the wagon and the goods it carried. They head out of the gates in the direction indicated by town gossip and Llorana, Morg and Pieter follow soon there after.

Both parties move forward, trying to spot evidence of wagon tracks in the shifting sands. As Llorana and crew continue their ride the sounds of scuffling and steel ring out across the sands– the party kicks their cradlu into a run and head towards the commotion. They arrive to find Nnn’tkk and Jahkal surrounded by five silt runners who are armed with exceedingly annoying (and sometimes poisoned) blow darts. Fighting ensues – Jahkal turns into a walking mountain, Nnn’tkk does the bug swarming thing again, Llorana fails to hit anything for the majority of the battle, Pieter does a fair amount of damage from behind a bush (being now paranoid of silt pockets) and Morg seems to fall down a lot, which corresponds to bright lights flashing out of the air/his chest and slamming into enemies. Eventually the silt runners are killed/driven away and the dust begins to settle on our adventurers – finally all in the same place at the same time!

Llorana and Nnn’tkk approach one another, presumably for some introductions, when Jahkal takes off bolts back to his cradlu and takes off. The rest of the group follows (except for Pieter who stays to check things out around the scuffle site) and introductions are made while trying to chase Jahakl down. Eventually he stops and its decided that everyone can work together (Llorana tells the others she can get them some kind of reward for helping with the recon mission if they promise not to jack anything) and the party heads back to the original site to do a more careful sweep for tracks. Turns out Pieter has already found the trail so once everyone’s reunited they take off and find the much abused wagon soon after. Jahkal promptly singles out the wine skins and downs a couple (very sneakily) while the others pile up what they can and take note of some large drag marks leading away from the wagon. Deciding to follow the indentations the party eventually comes to a doorway that leads down into a stone basement of some point. Jahkal approaches to open the door, and -



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